Kettlebells are the best tool to build a strong, functional and fit physique.


Incredible strength is the ultimate hack for self-confidence, anti-aging and nutritional flexibility.


The right balance of calories, macronutrients and moderation unlocks fat loss once and for all.



I'm not just a trainer; I've spent years igniting change in countless clients.

I'm a certified personal trainer (NASM) and nutrition coach (PN1). I have been a kettlebell specialist instructor (RKC) for more than five years, leading daily small group workouts and private training sessions for hundreds of clients.

My goal is to empower clients with personalized, challenging workouts and teach perfect form and technique. Physical changes like strength gains will happen, but even more importantly, mental and emotional shifts will improve the way clients seen themselves and their abilities.


Confidence and self-love do not come from a number on the scale or the size listed on your clothes. Trust me; I know from experience. When I trained and dieted for a figure competition in 2014, I was at my “smallest” and “fittest” but I did not see in the mirror the extremely lean person everyone else saw. I was emotional, hangry (a combination of hungry and angry) and consumed with worry I was going to gain weight or get fat.

Over the years, I’ve made a conscious effort to focus more on what my body can DO instead of how it LOOKS. I value my athleticism, ability to lift heavy weights and master complicated movements. I am proud of who I am, what I can accomplish and the energy I radiate into the universe. I no longer obsess over my macronutrient ratios and definition (or lack thereof) in my abs. I’m a fitness professional, and while I know I look the part, that’s not my main concern because I know my gifts and skills lie beyond my aesthetics. 



As a coach of functional movement and proponent of whole, nourishing food, my mission is to help people unlock their fitness potential, which builds self-confidence and translates into every aspect of daily life from career to relationships. I recognize that many clients may have a goal of losing weight, and that will happen, but I want our focus to be on building a strong, functional and healthy body.

Some fitness folks will make compelling claims like “5 minutes to flat abs” or “drop 10 pounds in 10 minutes per day.” I’m much more interested in giving clients personalized, challenging workouts and teaching perfect form and technique for a sustainable lifestyle. Physical changes will happen, but even more importantly, mental and emotional shifts will improve the way you see yourself and your abilities.


National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist;
Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Level 1;
Progressive Calisthenics Certification
Precision Nutrition Level 1;
American Red Cross CPR/First Aid.

My background is in broadcast communications and journalism. I worked in local TV news for a decade, primarily as a reporter. I'm a natural motivator who’ll push clients to accomplish more than they thought possible.

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