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More than 20 recipes to help you get more protein into your diet so you can build muscle and lose fat.

High Protein Recipe Guide


I'm far from a gourmet chef, but I've been practicing cooking healthy and delicious meals for the last eight years. When I'm coaching fitness and nutrition clients to eat higher protein meals and snacks, offering food and recipe ideas has become a natural part of the conversation. Overtime I've built a collection of my go-to meals and snacks that check all the boxes. They're high in protein, include fruits and vegetables, and have "good macros."


Tracking macronutrients has changed my perspective on healthy eating. I don't believe any food is inherently bad or will derail my efforts to build muscle and lose fat. I know some foods are better in moderation and that a good balance of protein throughout the day will help me stay full and fuel my body for optimal performance. Eating more, not less, and sticking to mostly nutrient-rich foods has helped me stay lean and fit at 40 years old and beyond.

We know that higher protein diets are key to building muscle and burning fat, but what does that look for breakfast, snacks, and beyond? The recipes that made the cut for this guide include lots of protein but not a ton of calories. Some meals require a bit of cooking, and others are perfect to prep ahead and eat on the run. There are sweet options as well as savory, and all of them are in my regular rotation.

There's also a meal planning resource to help you think through your week and create a system to follow. Meal planning is a game-changer for sticking to a healthy diet, especially when you get busy.

I hope you enjoy these meals and snacks, and that this guide helps you get closer to reaching your health goals!

-Rachel Eslick





Rachel Eslick is a mom, wife, and former athlete who coaches people to get stronger than they've ever been. She's a certified personal trainer (NASM), nutrition coach (PN1), and kettlebell (RKC) specialist. Her passion is empowering clients to find their inner athlete and get strong, lean and in the best shape of their lives. Kettlebell workouts are her bread and butter. She's led small group workouts as well as conducted private sessions for hundreds of clients for nearly six years. Physical changes like strength gains are a given, but the magic happens with mental and emotional shifts that improve the way clients seen themselves and their abilities.

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