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Reach Fitness At Home

Online small group kettlebell fitness program for intermediate to advanced levels to get stronger than ever.

Many people tell me they want to workout but don't know what to do to get strong, lean and feel amazing. My signature program, Reach Fitness At Home, is a small group training program for busy people to get fabulous results with minimal equipment, maximum accountability and zero excuses.


There are four weekly workouts, all 45 minutes or less, and one active recovery session that can be done from home live with the instructor and members, or on your own time with the video recording. The combination of strength and metabolic conditioning helps people shed fat and build muscle like never before. 


The problem of trying to figure out when you're going to workout, let alone what to do during the workout, is solved when you're a member of Reach Fitness At Home. Members save time by cutting out the commute and waiting for equipment at a gym. Following a program is the secret sauce to finally getting results. But unlike other fitness programs, this one includes not only the guidance of a seasoned professional, but the accountability and support of an entire community. We encourage, support and commiserate with one another through all the highs and lows of training and life. You’ll connect and vibe with your new fitness besties!