Reach Fitness At Home

Online small group kettlebell fitness program for intermediate to advanced levels to get stronger than ever.

Many people tell me they want to workout but don't know what to do to get strong, lean and feel amazing. My signature program, Reach Fitness At Home, is a small group training program for busy people to get fabulous results with minimal equipment, maximum accountability and zero excuses.


There are four weekly workouts, all 45 minutes or less, and one active recovery session that can be done from home live with the instructor and members, or on your own time with the video recording. The combination of strength and metabolic conditioning helps people shed fat and build muscle like never before. 


The problem of trying to figure out when you're going to workout, let alone what to do during the workout, is solved when you're a member of Reach Fitness At Home. Members save time by cutting out the commute and waiting for equipment at a gym. Following a program is the secret sauce to finally getting results. But unlike other fitness programs, this one includes not only the guidance of a seasoned professional, but the accountability and support of an entire community. We encourage, support and commiserate with one another through all the highs and lows of training and life. You’ll connect and vibe with your new fitness besties!

  • 65$
    Every month
    On-Demand Workouts & Supportive Community
  • 87$
    Every month
    Live and Recorded Kettlebell Workouts; Supportive Community


  • 5 workouts/classes each week

  • Live workout opportunities

  • Access to hundreds of recorded workouts 

  • Workout tracking to see strength and fitness gains

  • Community support via WhatsApp

  • Regular fitness, nutrition and lifestyle challenges 


  • Busy women like moms and working professionals 

  • Kettlebell enthusiasts 

  • Those who want to get strong and fit at home with a few key pieces of equipment

  • Those who thrive in small group settings

  • Those who need encouragement and accountability 

  • Those who want to take the guesswork out of what to do everyday

  • Those who want to get their workouts done within 30-45 minutes


  • Anyone who doesn’t enjoy working with kettlebells

  • Anyone with zero workout experience

  • Anyone with injuries or limitations who might be better off in a private fitness coaching program

  • Anyone who wants to workout for longer than 45 minutes

  • Anyone who wants to come up with their own random daily workout plan


  • At least 1-2 kettlebells, light/medium weight and medium/heavy weight

  • One medicine ball - about 10 pounds

  • Bench or box (optional)

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"I love the flexibility of live or recorded classes but LOVE the energy of the live classes the most!  Support from the other members through our group chat is through the roof and helps me stay motivated and consistent. I've been doing this since May and I've never felt stronger!"

— Ashley Petralli,

Reach Fitness At Home Member

"I been working with Rachel and the group for two years. I  love this supportive community, fun but hard workouts and I am stronger than I have ever been."

— Dineen Greer,

Reach Fitness At Home Member

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Rachel Eslick is a certified personal trainer (NASM) and nutrition coach (PN1). She has been a kettlebell specialist instructor (RKC) for more than five years, leading daily small group workouts and private training sessions for hundreds of clients. Her goal is to empower clients with personalized, challenging workouts and teach perfect form and technique. Physical changes like strength gains will happen, but even more importantly, mental and emotional shifts will improve the way clients seen themselves and their abilities.