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September 13 - November 4

Macros for Muscles



Built By 'Bells is an eight-week kettlebell group fitness program to start getting the strongest you've ever been. On average, clients accomplish a 10-50% strength improvement in kettlebell movements we practice most. Turkish get-ups, swings and snatches are the focus in Built By 'Bells and they are three of the most technical, athletic, effective and powerful exercises in the kettlebell arsenal.


There are three 45-minute kettlebell workouts each week that can be done live on Zoom (with me and the group) or on your own. If you do the workouts on your own time, you’ll follow along with the recording. It’s a proven method to gain strength and confidence like never before.

The BEST Method is a tried and true system that gets results. We'll Build muscle with kettlebell training, Engage with our supportive community, Simplify workouts to only do what works, and Track our progress each day to ensure we're getting stronger.


If you’ve been dabbling in strength or kettlebell training, commit to Built By 'Bells and finally see the results you desire. 


  • Intermediate to advanced levels

  • Busy people who don’t have a ton of time to devote to their training and want results

  • Those looking to get stronger and better at training with kettlebells

  • Those looking to follow a program for best results

  • Those who want to get fit and strong at home with minimal equipment

  • Those who thrive in small group settings

  • Those who want encouragement and accountability


  • Super new or beginner levels

  • Those who don’t enjoy kettlebell training

  • Those with major injuries or limitations who may be better suited for private fitness coaching 

  • Those who want workouts longer than 45 minutes

  • Those who want to program hop or come up with their own workout plan each day

  • Those who do not want to get stronger and more fit


  • At least 24 live and recorded 45-minute kettlebell workouts

  • Weekly group coaching to get clear on fitness, nutrition and mindset strategies

  • Access to the Reach Fitness library of workouts with hundreds of fitness classes including bodyweight, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls and stretching

  • Instant access to your coach and fitness community via a group chat

  • Workout spreadsheets so you can track your progress and strength gains

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Rachel Eslick is a mom, wife, and former athlete who coaches people to get stronger than they've ever been. She's a certified personal trainer (NASM), nutrition coach (PN1), and kettlebell (RKC) specialist. Her passion is empowering clients to find their inner athlete and get strong, lean and in the best shape of their lives. Kettlebell workouts are her bread and butter. She's led small group workouts as well as conducted private sessions for hundreds of clients for nearly six years. Physical changes like strength gains are a given, but the magic happens with mental and emotional shifts that improve the way clients seen themselves and their abilities.

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